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Video Ad Operations Engineer

Adseek Media is looking for a dedicated Ad Operations Engineer for our video advertising division. Our Video Ad Operations Engineer will be focused on provided top level customer service to all our video advertising clients and vendors. Success will be achieved through building, managing and optimizing video ad campaigns, building internal reporting workflows, troubleshooting ad tag errors and reporting discrepancies and developing new advertising strategies based on our current portfolio of advertising inventory.

The ideal candidate has proven experience with ad trafficking, reporting, campaign ROI analysis, campaign optimization and ad tag troubleshooting. Knowledge of workflows, processes, and technologies that are involved in online advertising will also be pivotal.


Deliver thoughtful customer support and communication

Work with vendors to implement and oversee ad campaigns.

Setup, traffic, and optimize online ad campaigns, working with advertisers and ad networks to receive assets for campaign launches

Monitor campaigns throughout lifecycle, communicating with clients and management as needed

Optimize campaigns, including reviewing reports and making suggestions for improved performance

Setup, traffic, and optimize online ad campaigns, working with advertisers and ad networks to receive assets for campaign launches

QA or troubleshoot 3rd party tags, flash files, and other advertiser-provided creatives

Coordinate with our Engineering Dept. to provide assistance in identifying, reporting and resolving technical issues

Identify, test, and integrate new monetization partners, ad products and feeds

Provide optimization and yield management through various reporting tools

Recommend campaign modifications, leveraging understanding of advertiser and product performance


3+ years online/digital ad trafficking experience

Strong documentation, communication, and presentation skills

Experience working with online video ad networks and exchanges, implementing pass-back strategies

Experience with basic HTTP headers, including setting and retrieval, cache controls, etc.

Knowledge of video platforms and implementation, different type of video tags (VAST/VPAID)

Experience with Internet technologies such as HTTP (response codes and their meanings), * XML, JSON, web servers, and other internet/networking-related protocols

Experience providing high-quality technical customer support, strong interpersonal skills, and highly collaborative

Experience with log analysis, Javascript, HTML, multiple browsers

Knowledge of online advertising, including ad operations, ad server tags, pixeling,

Experience with technologies & software involved in ad operations / online video advertising

cookies, reporting, video formats (VAST), and mobile applications (MRAID)

Knowledge of debugging tools

Comfortable working independently and managing your own schedule

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Digital Advertising Account Manager

- Do you have 3 – 5 years of experience working with adservers like Doubleclick or OAS?

- Is working with ad exchanges like Openx, Appnexus and Rubicon 2nd nature to you?

- Can you manage ad serving macros that help with efficient domain passing?

- Have you managed publisher block list and lived through creative violation fire drills?

- Do you have experience with display, video and mobile?

- Are you a Jedi master of Excel?

- Would you like to manage your own schedule and partially tele commute?

- Do you live in Seattle or would you move here for this opportunity?

- Experience a job environment that treats you like an adult, that is fun and offers great freedom.

- Salary and benefits to exceed expectations.

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