AdSeek Media Group has been working day and night to unfurl one of our biggest accomplishments, BlogCatalog. While BlogCatalog has always been a place where bloggers and readers can go to collaborate and enjoy a variety of blogs, we felt that it wasn’t very yet living up to its full potential.

Our first goal when we took on BlogCatalog was to improve the functionality of the site. This has included a complete site makeover with improvements like unique blog post comments, full onsite content, updated user profiles, metric-based featured content, simpler category navigation, and much, much more. While not live yet, we have a beta version up and running for you to poke around in and as always, we love to hear the community’s feedback on the things we’re doing.

Our second goal with BlogCatalog was to make it easier for businesses, marketers, and SEO agencies alike to share BlogCatalog’s success and prestige. In the past, it was very difficult for corporate-type entities to get any recognition on BlogCatalog as they are generally not the traditional bloggers that the old site catered too. Now, not only will you be able to include a one-off, full copy blog on our site, but we’ve also made the submission and approval process quicker and easier for these types of entities.

Contact us to learn more about BlogCatalog and how you can share in on our success, and be sure to stop by our beta version and let us know what you think.